Rent your skis in Montgenèvre with Josephine Pavesi, it's easy!

For this winter, Intersport Josephine Pavesi Sport offer you more choices for your ski rent.

To get some discounted prices on your ski hire, rent your equipment online. >>>

You can find 5 catégories of skis:

- Performance skis are made for very beginners or young adults.

Performance pack


- Prestige categorie will help you improving your speed and going to blue, green slopes and sometimes red ones!



- VIP and VIP Lady packages are adapted to confirmed skiers ready to perfom on red and black slopes (when it's not too icy!!) 


VIP Lady


- Ski rent with Killy and Adventure Expert categories are made for good skiers who are able to ski everywhere and want some technical skis for off-piste or slalom.



- with the Platinium package, you get new skis from the collection 2017, waxed and edged everyday if you want to.


You can get more choice, kid and snowboard packages, on our online ski rent. >>>


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